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What’s Dodashi? It’s a made-up word to say what we do - we dash. In doing so, we save you the crazy runaround so often experienced in our industry. How do we do that?


We’ve been buying for the global fashion market for over 25 years. As fashion experts in Japan, Northeast Asia, Europe and Latin America, brands were eager to talk to us about getting into those markets. More often than not, that meant sharing our expertise on styles, colors, or sizes that work best in those markets. Often new market tailored styles were designed and then made. The problem was, that kind of one-on-one conversation meant that we could only help a few brands at a time, for a handful of our stores. We simply couldn’t serve all the needs that came our way, but we wanted to!


So we combined technology with our human capital and profound network to solve these problems for more of our friends in the industry.


Dodashi is an automatic matchmaker. You, the creator, submit designs and are spontaneously connected to quality factories that perfectly fit your needs. In turn, you receive multiple, competitive bids for your project. A real-time dashboard tracks all your projects across multiple factories, and opens up more seamless communication lines.


With your next collection ready, you can then specify sales goals and match with distributors and showrooms worldwide.


Let us help you get your designs made & sold through our network of hundreds of quality brands, factories and distributors. We’d love to do it.

Connect today if you have questions, or just register & get started.

Thank you for being part of the Dodashi revolution.